Base layer cap table solution

A new way of providing public services is emerging. An ecosystem, where the public sector and industry work together to meet and exceed people’s expectations! All within a base layer ensuring privacy (GDPR), law, and human goals. We are establishing a new framework for developing cap table services and we call it BRØK.


npm i @brok/sdk
yarn add @brok/sdk
pnpm i @brok/sdk

Join the movement. Build something.

Unconstrained innovation

Data that is public by law is also public for anyone that wants to build. Access cap table data, balances, and some personal information with one line.

const capTable = await sdk.getCapTable(indentifier);
// returns
CapTable {
orgnr: '310790834',
totalShares: '80000.0',
shareholders: [
name: 'Ola Nordmann',
countryCode: 'NO',
postalcode: '8313',
birthDate: '1942-04-21',

BRØK is the foundation of a truly transparent and accessible shareholder registry. From now on, anyone can be sure who owns what and when.


BRØK ecosystem makes data ownership for organizations easier and gives people transperency. Ownership of the cap table data is defined by the data agreements that have been established between the shareholders of a company, while personal data (e.g., email, address or phone number) is stored on Ceramic with data agreements that define how it can be shared, persisted with trusted third parties. Publishing is just simple.

const indentifier = await sdk.createCapTable({
name: "Hoved orginisasjonen AS",
orgnr: "123 123 123",
shareholders : [
name: 'Fiske AS',
organizationIdentifier: '123456789',
organizationIdentifierType: 'EUID',
amount: '500',
countryCode: 'NO',
postalcode: '05555',
partition: 'ordinære',


BRØK will provide a Composable cap table ecosystem where 3pt can compose their functionality on it.

assert(balance.locked == 0, "no balance can be locked");
if(balance.vested > limit){
// do

Publishing shareholder records has never been more efficient, straightforward, or accessible.